Does your company seek to expand its business activities with its own collection of yarns and accessories?  ― but have not found the right partner to execute your strategy? Colorful Craft assists you to get safely and securely through the process with an all encompassing solution.

Colorful Craft will provide you with assistance in all aspects from product development to design to transportation and logistics. We also possess the experience and expertise to assist you in the branding and marketing activities of your products such as packaging design, product catalogs, digital strategies, social media and general corporate branding.

Our solutions are flexible. We can take care of all the steps pertaining to the supply chain or any specific part of it. If you already possess a brand and product lines but require assistance in production, packaging, quality control and logistics we can help you fulfill your needs. Regardless of your products or product line should be a private label or not, we offer the competencies and experience to develop and produce it in close collaboration with our clients.

Colorful Craft is owned by ITP with more than 20 years of experience in handling supply chain procedures. At Colorful Craft we emphasize every step of ‘The eco system’. With the help of our specialized engineers and affiliated designers, we are ready to assist you in the product development phase. Once the initial steps have been completed and samples of the products have been received and approved, our experienced marketing team will be ready to dress your products, product lines or brands for sale. Read more about product development as well as marketing and brand activities in the  Design section.

Would you like to learn more about the possibility of establishing your own product line of yarns and yarn accessories?

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