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Once you are engaging with Colorful Craft, we have an in-house marketing team ready to assist you in building an inspiring streamlined brand, product line, or product. We have found this service useful as it can secure a uniform visual brand identity across products, packaging, printed sales materials, and digital activities. This is crucial for the development of brand awareness directly linked to the end sale.    

In collaboration with our packaging engineers, the marketing team can assist you in developing the right packaging solutions for your product(s). We are experienced in many types of packaging solutions and no matter if you need a hand knitting kit with yarn and several accessories or just a simple label, we are ready to assist you. 

A complete solution at Colorful Craft provides you with the opportunity of getting a complete marketing package including online and printed sales materials as well as continuously updated online activities in terms of online advertising, social media presence, etc. organized and SEO-optimized based on the insights from analytical reports. 

Do you want to give your DIY brand an extra boost? 

At Colorful Craft we believe that a brand should be much more than just a logo. Engaging your customer through stories and being their helping hand through their DIY adventure increases customer loyalty. Colorful Craft can assist you in making thorough handicraft instructions that are easy to follow, as the marketing team is experienced in transforming technical and complex instructions into easily readable texts for the end user. Such instructions can be developed for different levels of experience, and can be made in several formats e.g., print and video.