A premade brand ready to be sold exclusively in your stores

Colorful Craft can provide you with your next private label solution and Nordic Style is an example. Nordic Style is a premade brand ready for sale in your stores. Choosing a private label solution provided by Colorful Craft provides you with several advantages:

  • Colorful Craft will assist you in choosing the right Nordic Style products of to be sold in your store
  • Colorful Craft will provide you with in-store Nordic Style sales material or material for your own chosen private label brand
  • Colorful Craft will support the brand’s website and online advertising activities to promote brand awareness of products sold exclusively in your store

NordicStyle – a private label brand with opportunities

Nordic Style comes as a complete solution including all steps of the supply chain and is delivered as an allencompassing solution to your needs including sales material in your store.

The product range sold as Nordic Style can be customized to your needs. Nordic Style can contain a range of hand knitting yarns in different colors and compositions as well as DIY knitting kits including needed accessories and instructions.

At Colorful Craft, we are experienced in providing both printed instructions and video tutorials. We call upon our skilled and inspired affiliated designers to create new and original pattern collections in both knit and crochet along with instructions for customers who need them. Colorful Craft is dedicated to providing high-quality yarns and creative ideas that make knitting with Nordic Style an adventurous and enjoyable experience.